Give them the best total rewards experience 

Our Total Rewards Portal and Candidate Offers were designed to enhance pay transparency, streamline candidate interactions, and boost employee retention.

“The candidate offer experience helps not only explain the total compensation and especially equity, but also helps sell the vision, mission and future of the company. Day 1 of an employee experience is not the day they start but using CandorIQ allows you to continue your best-in-class employee experience throughout the offer process.” 

Darin Enferadi
VP of Talent @ Kiddom

Make pay transparency part of your comp strategy

However your org defines pay transparency (or translucency), CandorIQ’s customizable Total Rewards Portal and Candidate Offer Letters allow you to empower your employees with access to their curated compensation information.

See where employees sit in their pay ranges and notes on their pay history

Managers can view as their employees to understand their total rewards experience

Visibility of each candidate’s positioning in a pay range

Get ahead of the FAQs

Create a better employee and candidate experience and get time back for your HR and recruiting teams with better information sharing. 

Improve retention by empowering your employees to understand the value of their total rewards 

Save valuable time and build trust by sharing information directly with managers and employees

Sell the company vision & culture

CandorIQ’s candidate offer letter is so much more than just a salary and title in an email. Create a personalized experience that makes it even easier to say yes.

Include critical information about your company mission and culture 

Personalize offer and welcome messages from the team

Integrated into ATS

Promote your people process