Eliminate Spreadsheet Hassles

CandorIQ’s Comp Builder provides a single, centralized location to create, update, and manage your org’s pay ranges and levels. No more copy-pasting from sheets for every hire or pay discussion with managers.

“Using CandorIQ for our merit cycles has freed up my time to focus more on our people, less on spreadsheets.”

Liz Ridge
Head of People @ SigFig

More effective merit cycles, half the time

Merit cycles usually take months. CandorIQ helps you replace the manual and iterative processes with automated solutions.

Automate personalized award letters to save days (or weeks) of time

Your org’s branding (font, formatting, logos, etc)

100% Self-service, no CSM needed

Streamlined stakeholder communications 

CandorIQ simplifies stakeholder communications by eliminating the need for extensive back-and-forth exchanges.

Notes and comments to collaborate on each decision 

Fully customizable workflows

Audit history of all changes 

Automatically track budget changes

Automatically track budget changes throughout. When budget changes need to happen—and they will happen—keep everyone update with automatic tracking.

Auto-suggest budget allocation

Top down or bottom up budget application 

Export your budgets to spreadsheets

Full visibility of iterations and changes

Information that empowers your managers 

Equip your managers with all the tools and information they need to understand their employees’ pay histories and their futures with your organization. 

Customize manager permissions and visibility  

Create top-down or bottom-up budget management

Give managers access to performance metrics, pay history, and compa ratios

Promote your people process