The People Spend Platform, the modern way to manage your #1 spend

A unified platform for headcount spend, approvals and compensation planning to win and retain top talent with operational excellence

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Give your people spend planning a promotion

Global Benchmarking Data

Use our comprehensive, real time data or bring your own 3rd party data.

Churn prediction & analytics

Proactive flagging of retention opportunities & churn risk.

Merit Cycle

Run merit cycle in days not months with AI powered recommendations & real-time collaboration.

Employee Total Rewards

Fully customizable, employee total rewards portal.

Headcount Planning

Trust the headcount data to make org decisions, including org design, promotions, budget allocation, and more.

Headcount Approvals

Centralize headcount & backfill requests, tied to budget.

Connect Your HRIS / ATS
CandorIQ integrates with data sources you need, including...
And many more...
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Increase the ROI on Your People Spend

Individual Lead Profile - Startech X Webflow Template

Hire & Retain Top Talent

by creating a competitive total compensation philosophy that candidates & employees understand

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Plan Headcount Within Budget

by forecasting your spend on people with accurate compensation analysis

Collaborative Headcount & Compensation Planning for Modern Teams

From setting department budgets to making competitive offers, CandorIQ is built to meet the needs of all teams

Department heads
Finance Leaders
Line Managers
Employees & Candidates

Turbocharge Your Teams with  Automation

Automatically Generated Merit Letters and Candidate Offers

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CandorIQ synthesizes disparate systems into one platform allowing easy collaborative compensation tuning of your workforce. Given the increase of pay transparency laws companies are dealing with complex challenges insuring pay adjustments are fair and consistent. CandorIQ allows HR to execute their compensation philosophy and keep the business focused on it's strategic goals.

Darin Enferadi
VP of Talent

As a Chief People Officer, I have been wanting a collaborative and automated tool that helps with workforce design, headcount budget planning, compensation management all in one and CandorIQ has cracked this code. HR and Finance can finally collaborate much more effectively and dynamically with people managers to ensure that their orgs are effective, budgets are maintained, and most importantly, their people are engaged and motivated.

Arjen Mackaaij

CandorIQ helps our team to make informed data-driven decisions that allows us to execute our compensation philosophy with confidence.

Stacey Rubin
VP of People

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