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At CandorIQ, we empower organizations to make informed decisions about their most valuable asset: their people. We are the people spend platform. A comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline and optimize your team’s compensation and headcount practices. Helping you spend less time in spreadsheets, and more time in strategy.

CandorIQ is the People Spend Platform

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Why We Built CandorIQ

As founders, we were particularly attracted to the challenge of creating a people spend platform for a few reasons:First, managing teams at companies big and small, and knew the pain of compensation and headcount planning first-hand. Regardless of how many software subscriptions we had, there was still a reliance on manual effort and spreadsheets to get anything done.Second, we love solving multi-stakeholder problems.

This was a complex issue not just for us as the managers/execs, it also required collaboration across HR, Talent, and Finance. But the tools catered to a singular persona and missed on the collaboration across them. We were—and still are— excited about empowering leaders, managers, and employees with the data they need to understand comp.

Finally, we see pay transparency through the lens of first generation immigrants who struggled to understand our worth while seeking green cards and citizenship status. We wanted to create a mission-driven organization focused on pay fairness because we truly believe it is a driver of American innovation.We’d be honored to help you with your compensation and headcount needs.

Haris & Sutthipong

Our Mission

To drive fairness and transparency in pay.

Our commitment to transparency and fairness sets us apart. We show up to work each day honored to play our role in creating a more equitable workplace by providing the tools and insights needed. Our platform enables organizations to make data-driven decisions, ensuring that compensation is based on merit and performance.


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What our clients say

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Few tools have caught up with the mandated transparency requirements. In that way, CandorIQ is invaluable in how it presents the data and that ease of access saves me so much time.

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I've experienced first-hand the disconnect between HR and Finance. Each of them have their own siloed work streams that desperately need to work together if anyone is ever going to get anywhere. When Haris and Sutthipong proposed integrating comp and headcount in one tool, it struck me as the missing link in the HR Tech landscape. I was in.

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