Jun 5, 2024

Enhanced Candidate Offer Creation Experience

Enhancements to complete the candidate offer experience with CandorIQ

Enhanced Candidate Offer Creation Experience

Enhanced Candidate Offer Creation Experience

Even more options and customization when you create and send candidate offers with CandorIQ

Hiring the right talent is a lot of work. From aligning on budget, to approving headcount and job descriptions, to finding solid candidates and getting them to accept, there are a million steps that each require attention to detail and a lot of collaboration. This process is time consuming when you’re hiring even just one new team member.

For SMBs, HR operations, comp management, recruiting, and total rewards are especially difficult. That’s why CandorIQ creates tools to ease those burdens that all too often fall on the shoulders of just a couple people. And why we continue to improve the experience for the HR practitioners who use our platform. Our latest round of updates and enhancements give you even greater functionality when collaborating on and sending out offer letters.

How does it work?

If you aren’t already familiar with our candidate offer letters, the short and sweet is that it’s a highly curated experience that helps top talent truly understand why they should join your team. Our latest enhancements include three key updates: 

  1. The ability to generate PDFs Using org-specific templates, information that already exists within the CandorIQ platform is automatically pulled in. As data changes (i.e. an offer increase or title adjustment from negotiation), the letter will be automatically updated. Removing unnecessary busy work from your to do list. Once you have your letter created, you can choose to pair it with the interactive portal or to download them as PDFs to attach to emails.
  2. Analytics and reporting for offer receipt and opening No more scratching your head or twiddling your thumbs wondering if your candidate has received or opened an offer. With the new analytics view you can see how much time has passed since issuing the offer, when it was last viewed, and more.
  3. Commenting capabilities As offer information is updated, track any related communication through per-offer comments.

Who is it for?

Talent and Recruiting Teams

Hiring Managers


Tell me about the features!

  • Upload and manage custom org-specific letter templates
  • Send offer letters with the interactive candidate experience or download as a PDF
  • Offer letters are automatically generated when data is updated
  • Preview the offer letter within the tool (no need to download)
  • Track communication via comments
  • View offer analytics

These new features and enhancements really create a more complete candidate offer experience—both for the candidate and the team pulling together that offer! Let CandorIQ take on some of the busy work off your plate so you can focus on the bigger picture.

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