Feb 27, 2024

New: Candidate Offer Letters

Introducing the easiest way to collaborate, create, and share total rewards statements

New: Candidate Offer Letters

New: Candidate Offer Letters

The easiest way to collaborate, create, and share total rewards statements

Talent and recruiting teams, this one’s for you! (And hiring managers… and candidates…)

This week, our team rolled out Candidate Offer Letters. These are not the static, templated, super-manual offer letters you’re probably used to. Our team recognized that whether you’re sending out an offer once a day or once a quarter, the process is unnecessarily clunky. The CandorIQ Candidate Offer Letter allows you to collaborate across teams, align on data-driven compensation decisions, and give your candidate the most transparent and authentic representation of their total rewards and what it would be like to join your organization.

How does it work?

When building your Candidate Offer Letters, all the information you need lives in one place: Org-specific compensation strategy, employee pay range information, total rewards, and more. Gone are the days of copy-pasting between spreadsheets and spending hours back and forth aligning on the right offer. 

Beyond the offer information, you can also add custom branding and include personal notes from the team.

“It makes the candidate offer more human,” remarks CandorIQ engineer Anthonie Lorsithong. “After a long, perhaps difficult interview process, it helps the candidate look forward to the experiences to be had in their new role with the people they’ll be working with.”

Once your team is on the same page, you can surface the appropriate candidate-facing information. With that ready to go, our interactive candidate offer tool becomes the best way to walk through the compensation and benefits with a candidate over a call, then send it over to be reviewed (and ultimately accepted!) offline.

Who is it for?

Talent and Recruiting Teams
Hiring Managers

Tell me about the features!

  • Ability to create and edit offers
  • Visibility of each candidate’s positioning in a pay range
  • Welcome notes from the team
  • Custom branding and company-level information
  • Send the offer straight to your candidates from the CandorIQ platform

Compensation is important, but people join companies for more than those numbers. We’re proud that our Candidate Offer Letters empower talent and recruiting teams with the best of both worlds.

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