Case Study SigFig

How a global org automated their merit cycle from 3 months to 3 weeks

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SigFig is a financial services firm that specializes in giving high-quality investment advice to investors of all wealth levels—using proprietary technology to lower the barrier to entry for financial advice.

“Using CandorIQ for our merit cycles has freed up my time to focus more on our people, less on spreadsheets”

Liz Ridge
Head of People

Value Of CandorIQ

reduction in time spent on the merit cycle from start to finish
weeks of leadership time saved with streamlined collaboration
hours spared in spreadsheets and gained for more strategic HR work


Few industries understand the importance of compensation and budgeting the way financial services do. So, when it came to managing merit cycles and their employees’ comp and equity adjustments, SigFig wanted to make sure they invested in the best platform. Before partnering with CandorIQ, SigFig’s merit cycle process was very manual and time consuming. The HR team spent months collecting and comparing data, holding hours and hours of meetings to align with and train various stakeholders, and then manually calibrating everything in spreadsheets


Retaining top talent

Global benchmarking data confidence

The manager experience

Time consumption

Collaboration and visibility

Manual processes


SigFIg partnered with CandorIQ to instill org-wide confidence in their merit cycle process, making it not only more efficient but more effective.

Key Features

Budgeting scenarios

Customizing by department needs

Compa-ratio analysis

Letter generation

Employee leveling tools

Reports and data summaries


Reduced time needed to collaborate

SigFig’s HR leaders were able to give Finance, Exec, Department Leads, and Managers all the information they needed in the CandorIQ platform. Each team member was able to collaborate and align without the need for countless back-and-forth emails and meetings.

Streamlined previously manual processes 

From data collection, to collaboration and calibration, to the final offer letters, CandorIQ’s tools freed up weeks of tedious, manual work for SigFIg’s HR team.

Improved educational efforts

With their compensation strategy and all reasoning for any changes built into the platform, HR had to field significantly fewer questions from the team. Allowing them to spend more time on more strategic work.

Increased confidence

The ability to share and track data throughout the process in the platform increased org-wide confidence in the equity of SigFig’s program.

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