Case Study Kiddom

How a rapidly growing startup put their people first and scaled their total rewards process


Kiddom is an e-learning technology platform that helps educators and students access and edit curriculum from any location by integrating curriculum management, instruction, assessment, and communication tools into one solution, saving schools valuable time, resources and money.

“Before CandorIQ, getting data was difficult. With CandorIQ, we now have a single source of truth for all compensation data. HR is no longer a bottleneck and management feels confident in the data. They trust the single source of truth and have a cockpit view with all the relevant data at the tip of their fingers to make decisions in real-time. ”

Darin Enferadi
VP of Talent

Value Of CandorIQ

Reduction in comp-
related questions
Compensation savings
Single Source of truth
Comp Review Process


As a venture-funded startup, Kiddom was experiencing rapid growth and wanted to ensure that its total rewards program reflected fair and competitive pay to attract and retain talent. The HR team was manually collecting data from multiple sources, managing multiple spreadsheets, and collaborating with management in Slack and email threads. Analysis and decisions were time-consuming and the process lacked scalability because management didn’t feel confident in the data and decisions weren’t centrally documented.


Attracting and retaining talent

Data confidence

Data to make fair compensation decisions

Manual processes

Slow data collection


Kiddom partnered with CandorIQ to ensure they put their people first and make it easier for managers to take control of fair pay and compensation decisions.

Key Features

Easy integration with relent data sources

Approval workflows with audit trail

Intuitive compensation data view

Ability to send/review notifications, comments


Reduced time spent on compensation tasks

Kiddom automated the data collection process and went from taking 2 weeks to collect data, plan, budget, then align with managers to enabling management to make decisions on the fly.

Optimized compensation

Kiddom was able to leverage compensation best practices and identify over $500K in compensation savings by using data to create the the right geo-location pay strategy.

Increased compensation transparency and understanding

The number of questions the HR team was fielding related to comp was reduced by 50%. The team has the security of knowing they can keep up with compensation disclosure regulations, be transparent with their employees, while aligning company performance goals with compensation, because of the quality of the data and the confidence from audit trails that decisions are made fairly.

Freed the lean HR team to be strategic business partners

Smaller HR teams have to be scrappy and do more than just manage compensation, so data is presented in an intuitive manner and allows the HR team to focus on supporting the business strategy rather than getting stuck in the details of the data.

Empower managers to make compensation decisions

The management team can rely on a single source of truth for performance and market data, instead of relying on gut decisions with HR

Promote your people process